Talks & Research Visits

Talks & Research Visits

2020 Invited Talk: 9 Sep, What smart cities do to people/humans, Webinar on Digital Ethics, Major Cities of Europe
Keynote, 23 June: Ich hab’s nur progammiert (german), Virtual DevDays 2020
Panel, 27 April: Digital Humanism, Netzpolitischer Abend

2019 Invited Talk 1 November: Ways of Thinking in Informatics Aarhus University
Invited Participant 15-19 July: Values in Computing Dagstuhl Seminar
Invited Talk 25 Mai: privat, Privacy Officers, One year GDPR
Invited Talk 29 March: Diversity Computing in Understanding Others, Integration of Social Cognitive and Affective Processes, LMU Munich

2018 Invited Talk 26 November: Responsible Innovation and Participatory Design, UX Night Vienna
Invited Talk 27 August: Visualising Actors as Infrastructures in Design - blurring design and use times, SummerPIT, University of Aarhus, Denmark
Invited Talk 28 August: Enacting Empowerment and the Possible Roles of Technology in it, SummerPIT, University of Aarhus, Denmark
Invited participant 30 Apr - 4 May: Lorentz Center Workshop on Designing Smart Objects as Embodied Agents in Everyday Life, Leiden, The Netherlands

2017 Invited Talk 23 May: Vom Können zum Wollen (From Can to Want - how to design technology in the context of eHealth that people would want to use, not only can use), eHealth Summit Austria, Vienna, Austria

2016 Invited Speaker 16 November: Thinking OutsideTheBox - Critical reflections on designing assistive technologies with autistic children. Digital Bubbles Seminar Series London, UK
Invited Panel 18/19 July: "Developing partnerships: learning from participatory design" - Shaping Autism Research Seminar. UCL CRAE (The Centre for Autism and Education), University College London, UK
Invited Talk 27 June: "Autism & Technology". Autism Competence Centre, Barmherzige Brüder Hospital Linz, Austria
Invited Seminar 15 June: "OutsideTheBox - Rethinking Technology Design with Autistic Children". UCL (University College London) UCLIC Research Seminar Series, UK
Invited Talk 2 April: "OutsideTheBox - Participatory Design with Autistic Children". ITU Copenhagen, Denmark

2015 Invited Talk: "Creativity, Technology and Autism". Opening of the "Back from Japan" exhibition in the Stadtmuseum St. Pölten (german)

2014 Invited Keynote: "Interaction Design with Children". UX Day Graz 2014 - World Usability Day
2013 Research visit and Seminar: "A framework for reflection on participatory design". Ole Sejer Iversen, PIT Aarhus University
2012 Seminar: "Designing Technologies with Children with Autism - Participatory Design in ECHOES". Institute for Design and Assessment of Technology, Vienna University of Technology
2011 Seminar: "Designing Technology with Children with Disabilities" Media Computing Group, RWTH Aachen University
2010 Seminar: "Phenomenology, a Framework for Participatory Design". Centre for Creative and Cultural Research, Media Arts & Digital Design, University of Canberra, Australia

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