Teaching & Supervision

Teaching & Supervision

2017- PhD Supervision: Laura Scheepmaker

2017-18 Course Leader: User Research Methods VU / PR
Course Co-Leader: Ways of Thinking in Informatics (STEOP) - Denkweisen der Informatik
Course Interface and Interaction Design. Informatics PhD School: Fundamental Research Methods

2016-17 Course Co-Leader: User Research Methods PR

2015-16 Course Co-Leader: User Research Methods PR

2014-18 PhD Supervision: Katta Spiel, Julia Makhaeva, TU Wien

2010-11 Teaching Assistant, University of Sussex
Course: MSc, Human-Centred Computer Systems Advanced Topics (Course Leader)
Course: MSc, Human Systems (Course Leader: Prof P Cheng)

2008-09 Teaching Assistant, Queen Mary, University of London. Course: MSc, Interaction Design (Course Leader: Prof P Healey, Dr N Bryan-Kinns)

2009-10 Masters thesis supervision, Queen Mary, University of London. Jessica Hummel: “Interactive sonification for monitoring and skill learning”. Jointly with Dr T Sockman and Dr Thomas Hermann (Bielefeld University)
Masters thesis supervision, University of dramatic Arts and Music, Graz, Austria. Veronika Putz, “Spatial Auditory User Interfaces”

Talks & Research Visits