Smart Everything And Us

Conversations about our relationship with digital things

Smart Everything and Us

We are inreasingly entangled with the digital world. In this series of conversations, I speak to a wide range of people about what this means for us, about our visions, utopias and dystopias for our future relationships with smart things.

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Today I am talking to Will Odom, design researcher at the School of Interactive Arts and Technology at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada. Will has made design his preferred mode of inquiry and uses carefully crafted artefacts to open opportunity spaces for alternative futures and to ask critical questions about which roles technology can have in positively shaping the human condition.


In my first conversation, I speak to Rob van Kranenburg. Rob is the founder of the IoT council, a network of people and a thinktank that organises discussions and events around the topic of the Internet of Things. He is considered one of the key influences in the field and for a long time has lended a more critical perspective to the debate.