Christopher Frauenberger



Senior Researcher, Institute of Visual Computing and Human-Centered Technology, Human-Computer Interaction Group, TU Wien, Vienna, Austria


Visiting Research Fellow, Human Centred Technology Group, University of Sussex, Brighton, UK


PostDoc, Human Centred Technology Group, University of Sussex, Brighton, UK

ECHOES II project - Developing a technologically enhanced learning environment for children with Autism


Research Assistant, Cognitive Science Group, Queen Mary, University of London

Augmented Human Interaction Laboratory, 3D Analysis of Interactional Synchrony in Schizophrenia 


Research Assistant, Signal Processing and Speech Communication Lab, Graz University of Technology, Austria 

SonEnvir - Sonification Environment for Scientific Data


Research Assistant, Institute for Electronic Music and Acoustics, University of dramatic Arts and Music, Graz, Austria 

Internet archive for electronic music 



Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Science, Queen Mary, University of London Interaction Media Communication Group, Department for Computer Science

Title: “Auditory Display Design - An Investigation of a Design Pattern Approach”
Supervisors: Dr Tony Stockman, Dr Marie-Luce Bourguet
Examiners: Prof Jan Borchers (RWTH Aachen), Dr Paul Vickers (Northumbria University)


Master’s level degree (Dipl.-Ing.), Graz University of Technology, Austria Telematics (Computer Science and Electrical Engineering)

Thesis: “3D audio interfaces for the blind”
Supervisor: Prof Gernot Kubin
Crazy Ideas Award for research projects



COMPASS - Cooperative Design Spaces for Next Generation Internet-of-Things Solutions

Co-Investigator FFG (ICT for the future - 867550 - €253k overall budget, €65k at TU Wien)


Social Play Technologies for Autistic Children

Principle Investigator FWF (Austrian Science Fund - P29970-N31 - €401k)


WAALTeR - AAL test region Vienna, 86 homes outfitted with Active Assistive Living (AAL) Technology for the elderly. 

Co-Investigator, FFG / bmvit  (Benefit Program number 856179 - 15 partners - €1922k overall budget, €84k at TU Wien)


OutsideTheBox - Rethinking Assistive Technologies with Children with Autism

Principle Investigator, FWF (Austrian Science Fund - P26281-N23 - €448k)


Departmental PhD Scholarship 

Queen Mary, University of London (3 years fees + living allowance)


3D Interfaces for the Blind (funded Master Thesis)

BFI (Berufsförderungsinstitut - €8720)

Academic Services


Associate Editor for International Journal of Child-Computer Interaction (Elsevier, since 2016)

Editorial Board Member TACCESS - ACM Transactions on Accessible Computing (ACM, since 2018)


Member of the PDC Advisory Board (Participatory Design Conference, since 2016)

Member of the ACM SIGCHI Ethics Advisory Board (since 2016)

Board of ICAD (International Community for Auditory Displays) (2006 - 2012)

Expert roles

Grant reviewer National Science Foundation (NSF)


Programme Committee for the 15th Participatory Design Conference 2018

Associate Chair for Full Papers DIS 2018 (ACM Designing Interactive Interfaces)

Programme Committee for the 20th International ACM SIGACCESS Conference on Computers and Accessibility ASSETS 2018

Design & Research Competition Chair IDC 2018 (Interaction Design and Children)

Associate Chair for Full Papers (Understanding People Subcommittee) at CHI 2018 (ACM CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems)

Technical Program and Publication Chair IDC 2017 (Interaction Design and Children), Stanford USA

Workshop Co-Chair at  CHI 2017 (ACM CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems)

Associate Chair for Full Papers (Health, Aging, and Accessibility subcommittee) at CHI 2017 (ACM CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems)

Design & Research Competition Chair IDC 2016 (Interaction Design and Children)

Student Research Competition Judge CHI 2016 (ACM CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems)

Programme Committee for NordiCHI 2016

Programme Committee for IDC 2016 (Interaction Design and Children)

Programme Committee for the 14th Participatory Design Conference 2016

Programme Committee for the fifth decennial Aarhus conference 2015, Critical Alternatives

Programme Committee Human Factors, IEEE International Conference on Healthcare Informatics 2015

Area Chair Accessibility ICAD 2015 (International Conference on Auditory Display)

Short paper chair IDC 2014 (International Conference on Interaction Design and Children)

Programme Committee for Works in Progress CHI 2010 (ACM SIGCHI)

Administrative chair of ICAD conference in 2006 in London, UK



TOCHI: Transactions on Computer-Human Interaction (ACM)

IwC: Interacting with Computing (Oxford)

IJHCS: International Journal of Human-Computer Studies (Elsevier)

IJCCI: International Journal of Child-Computer Interaction (Elsevier) 

IMWUT: Proceedings of ACM on Interactive, Mobile, Wearable and Ubiquitous Technologies

CoDesign: International Journal of CoCreation in Design and the Arts (Taylor & Francis)

Presence (MIT Press Journals)

IJD: International Journal of Design

IxD&A: Interaction Design and Architecture



CHI: ACM SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems

PDC: Participatory Design Conference

IDC: International Conference on Interaction Design and Children

CC: ACM Conference on Creativity & Cognition 

CSCW: ACM Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work

DIS: Designing Interactive Systems

Interact: Conference on Human-Computer Interaction

British HCI: Conference on Human-Computer Interaction by the British Computer Society

ICAD: International Conference on Auditory Display

SMC: Sound and Music Computing Conference

Invited Talks & Research Visits


Invited Talk 27 August: Visualising Actors as Infrastructures in Design - blurring design and use times, SummerPIT, University of Aarhus, Denmark

Invited Talk 28 August: Enacting Empowerment and the Possible Roles of Technology in it, SummerPIT, University of Aarhus, Denmark

Invited participant 30 Apr - 4 May: Lorentz Center Workshop on Designing Smart Objects as Embodied Agents in Everyday Life, Leiden, The Netherlands


Invited Talk 23 May: Vom Können zum Wollen (From Can to Want - how to design technology in the context of eHealth that people would want to use, not only can use), eHealth Summit Austria, Vienna, Austria


Invited Speaker 16 November: Thinking OutsideTheBox - Critical reflections on designing assistive technologies with autistic children. Digital Bubbles Seminar Series London, UK

Invited Panel 18/19 July: "Developing partnerships: learning from participatory design" - Shaping Autism Research Seminar

UCL CRAE (The Centre for Autism and Education), University College London, UK

Invited Talk 27 June: "Autism & Technology"

Autism Competence Centre, Barmherzige Brüder Hospital Linz, Austria

Invited Seminar 15 June: "OutsideTheBox - Rethinking Technology Design with Autistic Children"

UCL (University College London) UCLIC Research Seminar Series, UK

Invited Talk 2 April: "OutsideTheBox - Participatory Design with Autistic Children"

ITU Copenhagen, Denmark


Invited Talk: "Creativity, Technology and Autism"

Opening of the "Back from Japan" exhibition in the Stadtmuseum St. Pölten (german) - link.


Invited Keynote: "Interaction Design with Children"

UX Day Graz 2014 - World Usability Day


Research visit and Seminar: "A framework for reflection on participatory design"

Ole Sejer Iversen, PIT Aarhus University


Seminar: "Designing Technologies with Children with Autism - Participatory Design in ECHOES"

Institute for Design and Assessment of Technology, Vienna University of Technology


Seminar: "Designing Technology with Children with Disabilities"

Media Computing Group, RWTH Aachen University


Seminar: "Phenomenology, a Framework for Participatory Design"

Centre for Creative and Cultural Research, Media Arts & Digital Design, University of Canberra, Australia

Teaching & Supervision


Course Leader: User Research Methods VU / PR

Course Co-Leader: Ways of Thinking in Informatics (STEOP) - Denkweisen der Informatik

Course Interface and Interaction Design

Informatics PhD School: Fundamental Research Methods

PhD Supervision: Laura Scheepmaker


Course Co-Leader: User Research Methods PR


Course Co-Leader: User Research Methods PR


PhD Supervision, TU Wien

Katharina Spiel, Julia Makhaeva


Teaching Assistant, University of Sussex

Course: MSc, Human-Centred Computer Systems Advanced Topics (Course Leader)

Course: MSc, Human Systems (Course Leader: Prof P Cheng)


Teaching Assistant, Queen Mary, University of London

Course: MSc, Interaction Design(Course Leader: Prof P Healey, Dr N Bryan-Kinns)


Masters thesis supervision, Queen Mary, University of London

Jessica Hummel: “Interactive sonification for monitoring and skill learning”

Jointly with Dr T Sockman and Dr Thomas Hermann (Bielefeld University)


Masters thesis supervision, University of dramatic Arts and Music, Graz, Austria

Veronika Putz, “Spatial Auditory User Interfaces”