Christopher Frauenberger

My Research

Its not a hatI am an academic researcher in Interaction Design focusing on novel participatory methods for designing technology for children and people with disabilities. 

Keywords: Human Computer Interaction, Participatory Design, Assistive Technology, Autism, Ubiquitous Computing

My Publications, my CV, my ORCID record and some example Videos from my research.

My author pages on Google Scholar, Microsoft Academic SearchACM and DBLP

Current positions: 

PhD: Interaction Media & Communication GroupQueen Mary, University of London; Thesis: "Auditory Display Design - An Investigation of a Design Pattern Approach" [PDF]

Past Projects:

  • ECHOES II - A multi-modal learning environment for typical developing children and children with Autism
  • Augmented Human Interaction Lab - mixed reality experimental testbed for Human-Human Interaction
  • 3D Analysis of Interactional Synchrony in Schizophrenia - Discipline Bridgin Initiative at Queen Mary, University of London
  • El Silbo - a sonic learning tool for the whistling language on La Gomera
  • (re)Actor 1 - digital arts workshop 2006
  • SonEnvir - sonification of scientific data
  • IAEM - Internet Archive for Electronic Music