Christopher Frauenberger

My Research

Its not a hatI am an academic researcher in Interaction Design and Design Research focusing on novel participatory methods for designing meaningful technology for people.

Keywords: Human-Computer Interaction, Participatory Design, Assistive Technology, Socio-technical Systems, Ubiquitous Computing, Ethics, Philosophy of Science

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Current positions: 

  • Senior Researcher at HCI Group, Institute for Visual Computing & Human Centered Technology, TU Wien (Vienna University of Technology)

PhD: Interaction Media & Communication GroupQueen Mary, University of London; Thesis: "Auditory Display Design - An Investigation of a Design Pattern Approach" [PDF]

Past Projects:

  • ECHOES II - A multi-modal learning environment for typical developing children and children with Autism
  • Augmented Human Interaction Lab - mixed reality experimental testbed for Human-Human Interaction
  • 3D Analysis of Interactional Synchrony in Schizophrenia - Discipline Bridgin Initiative at Queen Mary, University of London
  • El Silbo - a sonic learning tool for the whistling language on La Gomera
  • (re)Actor 1 - digital arts workshop 2006
  • SonEnvir - sonification of scientific data
  • IAEM - Internet Archive for Electronic Music